Tsunamis Missouri reader

Capitaine Philippe,

Bonjour, bonjour!!  Plusieurs jours de retard!
I am very happy to see your book.  I love the title.   It has taken me this long to reply because I wanted to read your book before I replied.  But on page 85 I finally realized it was in French.  C’est la vie.
My compliments to you on this work.  It takes an intellectual giant such as yourself to open with quotations from such diverse sources as Richard Wagner, Byron, Perret, Shakespeare, Bernard Giraudeau (whose daughter is a neighbor of the Piecoups), and of course Graham Nash.  I’m sure the book is equally profound. A real tour de force.
I truly look forward to reading your book, either when I learn French (I’m working on it) or when the book is translated to Missouri English.
Please give our love to Brave Chicken Beatrice.
Our love to you and best wishes for the book,
Brad and Sheryl